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Our national debt is $20 trillion and climbing, which breaks down to approximately $60,000 in federal debt per U.S. person. Any 3rd grader could understand the math: the more the government prints paper money, the less it’s worth over time.

  • In March 2017, Congress must vote to raise its credit limit to save America from a market meltdown.
  • The debt ceiling is the country’s legal borrowing limit set by Congress. Lawmakers have fought for years over whether and by how much the ceiling should rise. Our current debt limit will need to reset above $20 trillion. Will your IRA be ready?
  • The three largest U.S. federal budget items are Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and Defense. We can either cut these programs or raise taxes. If we don’t, the national debt will continue to climb and eventually strangle prosperity for us all.
  • Owning physical gold and silver is the perfect hedge against uncertainty and protects you from the ravages of inflation and recession.

Washington, D.C. is broken and the debt ceiling issue underscores the need to safeguard your assets in gold and silver. No politician or political party seems to have the courage to tackle our growing national debt.

The clock is ticking and March will be over quickly. Download your free Government Debt Survival guide to protect your retirement today.

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