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calendar April 7, 2017 BY: HARTFORD GOLD GROUP


US Dollar Doomsday by end of 2017?

In a recent interview, a respected former 22 year U.S. Congressman issued the following warnings to Americans:

  • U.S. Dollar Collapse is INEVITABLE
  • IMF Has Appointed Chinese Renminbi as World Reserve Currency
  • The Fiscal Crisis could cause the Federal Government to target 401ks & IRAs

Why you need to take action now?

  • A Trump Presidency is positive for Gold.
    Experts are calling for gold to trade as high as $1,800/oz in 2017.
  • Gold is a currency that doesn't have liability attached to it.
    The US Dollar is guaranteed by the US Goverment, do you trust our Goverment?
  • Privacy
    When you buy Gold your purchase is not reported to any Government Agency.
  • Gold has been around for 4000 Years
    The US Dollar has been the World Reserve Currency since 1920. The average currency lasts 94 years.
  • IRS Tax Loophole
    Take advantage of a secret IRS Tax Loophole that allows you to put physical Gold & Silver inside of your IRA.

Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar (1913-2016)

Purchasing Power Graph

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